Cockrill PTO exists to support Cockrill Middle School’s students as they work toward finding and achieving their potential. We partner with Cockrill administration and staff in providing basic needs, recognition, and opportunities for our students to recognize and reach that potential. For a list of our accomplishments in these areas and more please see the Membership page on this website.

This year our PTO Board consists of the following parents:

  • President: Amy Toson
  • 1st VP President’s Aide: Kate Mefford
  • Treasurer: Gilda Collins
  • Secretary: Becky Lafferty
  • Membership: Adriana Pedraza
  • School Store:  Tina Collins, Stacy Powell
  • Spirit Wear:  Jennifer Potter
  • School Relations:  Rosa Mena
  • Fundraising: Melissa Hendrickson and Serena Ashcroft
  • Parliamentarian: Lara Hawkins
  • Staff Appreciation: Stephanie Jordan

We invite you to join us for our General PTO meetings/Principal Coffee Q&A session at 9am in the Cockrill Learning Commons (Library).  

  • January 18th and April 19th, May 17th

If you should need to contact us please email us at cockrillpto.ask@gmail.com

Minutes of 2017-18 meetings:cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-9/21/17

Minutes of 2016-17 meetings: cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-8-11-16cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-9-15-16cms-pto-minutes-general-board-meeting-10-20-16cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-10-20-16cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-11-17-16cms-pto-minutes-board-meeting-12-15-16

Minutes of 2015-16 meetings: CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 9-17-15; CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 10-8-15 ; CMS PTO Minutes General Meeting 10-8-15CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 11-19-15CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 12-17-15CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 2-18-16 CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 3-17-16CMS PTO Minutes Board Meeting 5-19-16